Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization Adds IT Efficiency

For many businesses, Impact Technology Group recommends virtualization in order to strengthen network security and management, improve performance and save your company money. The basic concept of virtualization is simple: use software that creates a foundation to host virtual machines that emulate physical computers. This approach allows several operating systems on these “virtual machines” to run simultaneously on a single physical machine and makes your IT operations more efficient, allowing developers to focus on more important priorities. VMware is a powerful virtualization software platform that helps your company streamline resources and eliminates the need for one server per application. As the world’s leading desktop and datacenter virtualization platform, VMware offers a trusted virtualization technology solution for you company that lets you shift the focus of your IT group from maintenance to innovation.

Virtualization and Disaster Recovery

Virtualization technology offers protection in the event of a serious disruption and is an integral part of disaster recovery, as failed systems can automatically be restarted on new machines in any location. Impact Technology Group helps firms in a wide variety of industries with disaster recovery planning and ensures rapid and reliable recovery through a virtualized infrastructure.

Savings with Virtual Servers

Rather than paying for multiple under-utilized servers, each dedicated to a specific workload, server virtualization allows consolidating those workloads onto a smaller number of more fully-utilized machines. With VMWare virtual servers, you will have less hardware to purchase and maintain, require less space to house servers and use less energy to run them, all of which saves your company money. You’ll also see savings through reduced downtime and wasted staff hours. Whether you are interested in virtualization technology for security and disaster recovery reasons or would like to better understand how virtual servers can save you money, Impact Technology Group is your trusted partner for VMware solutions. Please contact us to learn more about virtualization or other IT services for your business.