Why Impact?

Your business is unique. Our business is IT.

The fact that your business is unlike any other is what has made it successful. For the very same reason, your network and IT infrastructure should reflect that individuality. Impact Technology Group, LLC offers you customized technology support and strategic planning, helping you determine the best way to leverage your IT budget to support your business.

Impact Technology Group, LLC is not a reseller, meaning that we have nothing to gain from selling you hardware or software. The advice you receive has only one purpose: making your business run smoothly while taking full advantage of the available technology tools to help you reach your goals.

Custom Fit for Your Firm

All of our service plans are custom designed to precisely meet your specific demands after a thorough evaluation of your processes, goals, current systems and technology needs. We take into account your budget as well as your operational style when creating a plan to help you maximize your productivity with today’s technology; we’ll even make sure the systems you select will easily and affordably expand to meet your future requirements.

Cost Savings

Our pricing is also designed with your business in mind. While we offer a traditional per-hour price based on the technology services required, Impact also offers all services for a single flat rate billed monthly or quarterly so you can have the highest level of predictability.

The fee is based on the overall size of your network, the systems currently in place, and your growth plans. Small businesses can save up to 50% when using Impact for their outsourced technology solution as compared to hiring in-house staff!

Total Solutions, Total Flexibility

Whether you need a fully outsourced ongoing IT solution, an updated network or simple day-to-day assistance with office hardware and software, Impact has you covered. We can even help your in-house IT staff with special projects or other supplemental needs. We’re here when you need us. Our technology specialists have more than 25 years experience in areas including:

  • Network design, implementation and support
  • Technical project management
  • E-mail messaging systems support
  • Remote access design, implementation and support
  • Internet security
  • Hardware procurement
  • Contract management for software, hardware and communications/phone services
  • IT staffing support for businesses with in-house IT staff

Contact us today for a free evaluation to see if we can help your business grow through enhanced technology and network solutions.