Backup and Disaster Recovery

Impact Technology Group offers deduplication storage systems designed for fast, inline data compression, reducing disk storage and minimizing the need for tape backup.Many companies worldwide currently use deduplication storage systems to help:

  • Reduce backup costs
  • Simplify data recovery
  • Extend data retention on disk

These systems reduce the amount of space needed for files, making data backup more efficient and cost-effective. Data deduplication also aids disaster recovery planning by reducing the amount of data to backup and store safely. Plus, restoring files is easier when you aren’t storing as large of a data set.

Does a deduplication storage system make sense for your company?

  • Do you store at least 100 GB of near-line data?
  • Do you currently use enterprise-class backup and archiving software?
  • Do you still use tape for backup?
  • Do you use VTLs to cache backup data before moving them to tape?
  • Do you already backup to disk regularly?

If so, then Impact Technology Group may be able to help your company reduce costs and improve backup efficiency. We have successfully installed deduplication solutions in many different environments, requiring little or no change to existing backup systems.

Contact us to learn more about data deduplication and how it can help your business realize cost savings and operational efficiencies.